Starting a small business can be fun, but also quite the endeavor. From understanding what you sell, be it products or services, the prices you charge, the technology you use and how you message that to your customers, there can be a lot of considerations.

For this reason, we have started Biz Acceleration Team to help small businesses with answers to these questions.

The Need for Professional Business Services

You need to be able to do what you do best and not busy yourself with tedious tasks to run your business. Imagine handling tech, IT, sales, accounting, operations and everything else that goes into a business. It would take you a substantial amount of time and you wouldn’t be able to scale your business properly.

Consultants like Biz Acceleration Team help alleviate all of the functions that go into running a business. This allows the business owner to focus on what they do best and successfully grow a business.

Who Is Biz Acceleration Team

Biz Acceleration Team is made up of a group of professionals who consult on information technology, marketing, content and general business consulting. These four areas cover many functions the average business owner needs help with to be successful.

Bryant Troupe – Gravity IT Solutions

Bryant Troupe is an IT professional in Roseville, California. Bryant advises small business owners on technology needs, helps them purchase the tech they need, sets up networks in their offices, helps with email administration and much more.

Mary Vosika – True Voice Copy

Mary Vosika is a professional copywriter with True Voice Copy. Having a tenured career in copywriting and content creation, Mary can apply her knowledge and experience of copywriting to small businesses who need help telling their story.

Sandra Swenson-Scott – Clear Vision Coaching

Sandra Swenson-Scott is a professional business coach with years of experience consulting businesses in a wide variety of industries. Sandra can help you get your business on track, overcome new business obstacles and set you up with a growth plan with steps to execute on.

Jeff Romero – Octiv Digital

Jeff Romero is a tenured SEO expert and web developer with years of experience working with small business owners. He can help you establish a presence online and grow your website’s traffic through SEO and paid advertising efforts.

The Acceleration Team Difference

While each business owner operates their own business independently, we all come together to help small business accomplish their goals. By working with a team, you can accelerate your growth and the support you need to be successful.

Get started with Biz Acceleration Team by emailing We’ll set up a consult with you, determine what you need help with and develop a project plan.